Image Source: Gazette Review

While each  model has their own unique walk, and some walks will  depend on the clothes being worn, there are 6 things nearly every model keeps in mind when walking the runway. We’ve broken it down by body parts to be aware of, starting from head to toe. We recommend reading through, and practicing at home with a large book on your head. Whether you’re going to walk a runway, or would simply like to improve your natural walk, these tips are sure to elevate your strut!


The goal is to look as tall as possible. Shoulder back and chin level, head facing forward. Some models tend to lean back just a bit, this helps to accentuate the length of your legs. Keep a serious face, this helps to keep the focus on the clothing.


This will depend on the kinds of clothes you’re wearing, but generally you’ll need to practice controlling the sway of your arms. You don’t want to distract away from the clothes you are modeling.


Lift knees just a bit higher than you normally would. This will help you to take longer and steps. You need to keep the tempo and pace of the show, and wider steps will help do just that.


Feet pointing straight. If your feet naturally point out or in, you’ll need to practice this enough to stay aware of your tendency. Try to place each foot in front of the other, instead of parallel. (This can be a bit tricky, so be careful not to trip yourself!)


Hips will naturally sway side to side if you are stepping one foot in front of the other. Trying to make your hips sway will notice, and seem unnatural. Focus on the placement of your feet and your hips will follow.

Pose at the End

At the end of the runway, you will pause to show off the clothes. Lean in to one hip, and then the other. This is your chance to show a bit of attitude. Leaning slightly side to side will show confidence in what you are wearing, and allow for two different angles of the clothes to be seen.

Have fun with these and practice, practice, practice! Whether it’s the runway or the streets, you’ll notice an instant boost in your confidence levels!