What’s a comp card?

A comp card is like a model’s business card.

It is two-sided, about 8.5’’ x 5.5’’ and printed on card stock. The front has your photo and name, and the back has anywhere between 1-5 photos, along with your stats. Your stats are your body measurements, which include your height, dress size, cup or bust size, hip size, shoe size, along with your hair and eye color. All of this information is very important for anyone who is looking to book models, it allows them to determine whether you can wear the designer’s clothes. Every designer is different so you never know exactly what they’re looking for- which is why you should never disqualify yourself!

The photos that you select for your comp card should generally include a headshot, a full body shot, and a profile shot. Theres no exact rule here, but these three pictures will eliminate most questions the client may have (the fewer questions the better)! Feel free to express yourself in the photos. It’s good to show versatility in your photos, it allows the client to get a real sense of your range. You’ll want to be careful with is makeup – the best look would be a simple natural look- mascara, a light lip, and thin eyeliner would be enough. Think ‘enhancing your features’, not changing them. You don’t want to look too different from your card. If you hand one to a client and they feel you don’t look the way you do in photos, the chances of a callback are slim. You’ll want your comp card to be a reflection of who you are.

Comp cards are essential for a model, you will give them out like business cards, so you want to make sure you always have plenty. FMO members are able to create their own industry approved comp cards so be sure to sign up and start creating your card. You’ll be able to export it and upload it to sites like Vistaprint or Shutterfly. You will hand these out at every casting you go to. This helps the client remember you once you’ve left and they’re evaluating who they’ll choose for the job.

These cards are critical to your career so sign up and create yours!