Photo credit: Beat Tattoo

It’s been a long standing belief that if you want to model (or enter any professional field), you can’t have tattoos or piercings. It had not only been a belief for a long time, but its what we saw for a long time. Spotting ink on a model walking the runway was like seeing a unicorn. Yea – it didnt happen. Until somewhere between 2011-2013 when we started to see some interesting pieces of ink pop up on the runway like daisies. Did models get together and secretly agree that they were going to change the status quo? However it happened, we were all for it. What once seemed to be a big no-no was now walking on a world stage. Today is a completely different scene in the modeling world. As we FINALLY shift toward inclusivity, the cookie cutter rules are finally making their way out. Tattoos are now accepted, and even serve as a way of standing out of the crowd. We’re not saying to go get a dozen tattoos, rather that the chances they’ll hinder your career are lower now than ever before.

Here are some of the models who’ve normalized tattoos for us


Catherine McNeil 2013’s Midriff tattoo

PhotoCredit: Marie Claire

Freja Beha 2011’s Neck Tattoo

PhotoCredit: Healthy Celeb

Cara Delevingne’s 2013 Finger Tattoo

PhotoCredit: She Amazing

Erin Wasson has 26 tattoos…

PhotoCredit: Tattoospedia