So you not only want to be a model- you know you can do it. But when your friends and family ask you about your career goals, things can get… complicated. Reason being, to say “I am a model” is to say “I know that I am beautiful.” And let’s be honest, beauty and confidence attract jealously and criticism. We know you don’t need any of that around you as you create your dream career! Having a dream is a beautiful thing, and it’s your job not only to bring it to life, but to protect it.

Sometimes, it’s hardest for the people closest to you to understand. So here’s how to deal with them.

Parents and Family. Let’s be real- the only time your parents would be proud to say “my daughter/son is a model” is if your face is on a Manhattan billboard or on the cover of Vogue. But until then, they’re probably giving your aunts and uncles excuses for you. They might forbid you from seriously pursing this career. The best thing you can do in either scenario is – have a plan. Modeling is a dream career for most, so it might give others the impression that you’re just dreaming. When you can present a real plan, it changes that impression. Joining an agency can be expensive and complicated and too big a commitment if dealing with resistance at home. But with FMO, you’ll get all the guidance of an agency without signing any crazy contracts.

Siblings. If your brothers or sisters are anything like the average sibling – they’re probably going to tease you. Your brother will never want to imagine you as a sexy glamourous star and your sister would probably get jealous. Until you have some experience under your belt and the pictures to prove it, it would be best not to mention your plans. Siblings can be annoying enough, let’s not give them fuel!

Friends. Telling your friends that want to model would probably get an excited reaction at first, but a slight eye once they realize you’re serious. It would be best to present it to them as something fun you’re trying, and try to get them in on it too. Today’s industry is open to all kinds of looks, so encourage them to give it a shot too! It could be something fun you all do together. If you share FMO with them, they’ll be able to get a peek into your world and understand it better. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next modeling squad!

Rando’s. Ironically enough, these may be the only group of people you can be bold with! You should make business cards for yourself with your email and social media handles to share with people you meet. You never know what kinds of opportunities can arise when you tell people what you do. If they’re jealous or don’t take you seriously- who cares! They’re rando’s after all. The best that can happen is you gain another follower or a connection to a company. You may not be able to be fully open with your inner circle, but with the rest of the world- shout your dream from the rooftops! There’s power in putting yourself out there and affirming what you want.

Ultimately, follow your heart and your dreams, listen to your gut, and don’t let anyone stop you from making it happen. All you need is belief in yourself and some guidance. And for that, you’re in the right place.