So you want to take some professional photos, that’s exciting! What are you going to wear? How many outfits are you going to bring? Are you going to practice in front of a mirror? Where should you –


Before we let the excitement get the best of us, let’s go over some ground rules.

You can start your search online. Some may search on Instagram, but its harder to find a photographer in your area. Plus, you’ll want someone that has a legitimate website. Generally, check the website first, Instagram second. What you’re looking for are photos that reflect the aesthetic you’d like to see in your photos. Every photographer has a different style, so you’ll want to find one that matches yours.

Contact the photographer, preferably with a call if there’s a phone number. Verify prices and dates, and get an email to send them samples of the kinds of pictures you’d like. Just like going to get a haircut – you want to give the artist references. Feel them out during that first conversation, and gauge your initial comfort level with the conversation. This will be the first way to determine if its a good fit. The key to great photos is chemistry between the photographer and the model.

When deciding on logistics, its best for the first photo shoot to be outdoors and in a public place. Have a friend drop you off and meet the photographer. Here at FMO, we’re all about safety first.
On the day of the shoot, be sure to print out your photo release form, available in your FMO account’s Toolkit. The photographer may have their own, but bring one for your records. This gives the photographer permission to use your photos for his portfolio or website. You can demand to own the photos outright, so make sure your release reflects this.

On the day of the shoot, you may also want to have the examples of the sample photos you’d sent ready to show, to give them a final visual before beginning. Communicate your vision for this photo shoot. Be sure to engage in conversation and ask questions while the both of you get ready, the more you’re able to connect, the better the photos will be.

The photographer will guide you through the shoot, letting you know what your best angles are and how to pose. Make sure you’re breathing deep and relaxing, tension notices in photos. Relax, have fun, and work those angles!