People can say what they want about the modeling industry, but the truth is, every time someone poses for the gram, they’re modeling. Whether they know it or not! If Instagram has done anything, its reveled how most people want to be seen as a model.

And the truth is, today it has never been easier to be a model!

For so many reasons. In this industry, its all about who sees you. And with social media, you can get yourself out there with a snap. Everyone has this idea that modeling is so out of reach, and that’s because modeling agencies worked hard to make it seem this way. They controlled the “look” of the times, and determined who was in and who was out. This control helped them solidify their power over the industry. The air of exclusivity is what made modeling seem so out of reach for so long.

But this generation isn’t having it.

The power is shifting and we’ve seen an evolution in the industry like we’ve never seen before. The doors are busting open and all kinds of looks are making their rightful way onto the scene. We are redefining beauty, and its inclusive. We’re seeing faces that look more like ours, and its not only refreshing, its inspiring!

Also, the rise in influencer marketing marks a major shift in the modeling industry. Now brands are contacting individuals directly to represent and endorse their products. We may have never thought of modeling as marketing, but the real job of a model is to bring fashion or a product to life. Modeling and marketing go hand in hand. Along with this, e-commerce is ever on the rise, and companies need models now more than ever!

Tech is molding the modeling industry in a whole new way, and with FMO, you’re in the right place at the right time.