‘Modeling as a Side Hustle’

  I’m revealing some modeling secrets you’ll love! Sorry modeling agencies….here we go:

Easy modeling

Modeling is probably the best side hustle I can imagine: You get paid to be yourself.

Dealing with Model Agencies

Finding the right modeling agency is not only difficult, but it has a ton of hurdles. Most times you have to make your way to the modeling capital of the world, New York City… and even if you’re already in NYC, it can be rejection after rejection by some booker or even intern… might as well save the money & disappointment.

Save Money and Tears

Instead, start your own ‘modelpreneurship’, begin with a side hustle strategy to be your own boss, and avoid any unnecessary model agency interviews.

Can you be in school and model at the same time?

Launching your modeling ‘side hustle’ can be a great source of revenue – and you won’t have to give up school or your job. Not only can it increase your income, but you can have a better life, it’s FUN, and on your own terms.

Are model contracts for you?

No need to sign contracts, invest in expensive traveling, or spend extra funds upfront … basically you just do what you do every day: take selfies.

Added modeling perks

Digital castings wherever you live, virtual & remote photo shootings,  receiving all types of free products, meet interesting (and probably some crazy) people online, make solid connections.
Once you get your groove you’ll look & feel your best and your confidence will skyrocket.

Reinvent Yourself in a New York Minute

It’s an easy way to ease into building a modeling career and establishing your own brand.  I and my team can offer top of the line advice on how to take your best pics, how to be your own art director and makeup artist. We can also show you how to find your best angle of beauty, and which category of modeling is the right fit for you. Most importantly, how to connect with the right clients, how you can establish your day rate, and smartly manage your career.

Whatever route you decide to go on, rest assured, we’ve got your back.

The modeling world experienced a seismic change; we found this opens new and fantastic opportunities for aspiring models as well as professional models to reinvent their brand.

Of course, requirements are passion, devotion, and courage to start.  It can be a magical transformation, even if you decide just to look on point for video lectures or virtual happy hours.

Are you hooked?



Look at the FMO Model Card of Amanda, she is a singer and side hustles as a model!