Editorial,  runway, commercial, fitness, and glamour, are probably the types of modeling that comes to mind when thinking of model work. But there are so many opportunities in the world of modeling. Here are just a few which you probably haven’t heard of.

1. Fitting Model

fitting model

Image by UKModels

Designers need someone to bring their pieces to life before the clothes hit the runway. Requirements for this kind of job generally come down to the right measurements, since designers need to be sure that the clothes will drape the right way. The designer will work on the designs on your form, what more fun than to get dressed up all day!


2. Convention Model

Image result for car show girls

You’ll get all dressed up and spend the day hanging around the newest cars. You have to learn some of the car specs and engage with the people passing by, but it should be an all around exciting day! And if the car brand likes you, they may ask you to travel with them to different conventions around the country. So be ready to pack you bags!


3. Seat Filler

Image from NYPost

These seat fillers ensure that the room looks full. These may not always be paid, but event organizers will often search for models to fill these seats, and even hold the seats until the stars arrive. Major events, like the Grammy’s even search for fillers. Keep an eye out for posts from your favorite events, and be ready to slip into a gown!