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What was FMO Magic Water Skincare developed for?

We developed FMO Skincare especially for models who live in the metropolitan cities of this world and their environment. They are exposed to intense stress and external influences. Therefore, we have researched and developed in New York / Los Angeles / Hollywood for over five years to meet the demands of today. The numerous appearances in the models’ fashion and consumer goods industry through countless makeup and continuous photo shootings and appearances at public events leave harmful traces on the skin. Skin pores become larger and larger; oxidation occurs more quickly.  A domino effect is created, the skin becomes more and more vulnerable and worse. They are drying out, skin cracks, open to further infection.

Damage to Skin Cells, External Tissue Damage, and Organic Stress Damage open to infection, to the point of partially irreparable skin damage. To have continued success in the demanding glitter world, these young people need a unique skincare series:


What is suitable for models is also best suited for young people who must manage their everyday life, be it in long meetings, on the way to work, or on long flights abroad to meet customers. The external influences are also extreme for these people.

“FMO Skincare” is gender-neutral and suitable for all skin types. With regular use, a young woman or a young man can enjoy healthy skin at any time and master the tasks of everyday life in the best way and enjoy life to the fullest. A balanced skin gives every person a unique sense of well-being, which they also radiate to the outside world.

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