Never Bring your Boy/Girlfriend to a

  Photo Shoot!


Sure, they like to brag to everyone that their partner is a model- and its understandable that they would want to share your experience. Still. NEVER bring your partner to a photo shoot.

We get it, they want to be supportive and involved – but they also probably want to be on set to make sure everyone knows your not single. You are being photographed with other beautiful models and young photographers- so yea, they want to be present. You may want them there for support or security, but take it from us, you will not be able to perform the same. You need to be focused during a shoot. If your photographer tells you to be more sexy while your posing next to a gorgeous half-clothed model, chances are you won’t give it your all. You need to be open to expressing yourself fully and uncensored. You need a clear head.

There are other ways to ensure safety, maybe they drop you off and pick you up. Or you send them your location. Being transparent about the process will make them feel involved, and this will give them peace of mind. Sharing your work and the process with them will make them feel included. Try your best to find the balance, but don’t let them stress you out. Besides, if you make it big you’ll be traveling the world, going to parties, and meeting beautiful people – so your relationship probably won’t last anyway! Just kidding (not really).