Persistence? Of course. Courage? Absolutely. Disciplined? Yes.

We’re sure you figured of all of these, and we think they’re pretty obvious too. But the one virtue  crucial to not only the beginning of your career, but even after it’s taken off?


A modeling career is unlike most, where you’ll likely spend more time waiting than working. Early on in your career, you’ll mostly find yourself waiting at a casting alongside hundreds of other models for your turn to present yourself to the directors. Or you’ll submit photos, and wait for a call back. The beginning of your career will likely be the most difficult, because a lot of anticipation and excitement may be met with periods of silence.

Once a modeling career has taken off, the scene may change but the waiting game- not so much. You’ll work one day for a couple hours and wait for your next gig. You’ll have to deal with larger events and more people, all trying to coordinate among themselves. A professional show can have upwards of a hundred people running around backstage, all trying to coordinate for the big show. You’ll find yourself backstage, waiting your turn for hair and makeup, and once its done, you’ll be waiting for the show to start.

Here are some tips on what to do during the downtime, that develop patience and help your career move forward!


Review the posts you’ve done to see which got the most likes, and examine what it was about it that did so well. Switching over to a business account will give you insights into the levels of engagement your photos had. You can archive some older ones to keep your account looking tidy. Go on and engage with any comments that were left, so your followers feel more connected to you. Check out users that inspire you, reach out to them and get on their radar. You never know what can come about from leveraging your social connections!

Balance out the work you do on social media with some brain games to keep your mind sharp and active. Brain games can help with faster thinking, sharper listening, and better memory. All of these things are helpful in your interactions with others, and the connections you make are really what moves your career forward. Make sure to make a good impression as not only for your looks, but for your razor sharp mind!

The field of modeling is not only glamorous, but it can be super stressful. Whether its the waiting, the uncertainty, or the quick pace and high demands- the stress is real. Being able to stay centered, balanced, and grounded is crucial to making it far. Apps like Calm, Breathe, or Headspace are some great tools for staying calm. Their either cheap or free, and super quick.

Being in the industry, it’s so important to know what’s going on. Magazines may have been replaced by blogs and social media, but there are gems in every magazine that you just won’t find online. Stay in the loop and pick up the month’s Vogue or Bazaar and find out trends, read up on interviews, and learn about new designers.


Hope these tips help to make the in-between time pass by smoothly!