Modeling and fashion are global industries, but these four major cities have reigned as the capitals for decades. These cities are global powerhouses, where trends are born, designers are inspired, and models parade through the streets. If your career takes off, these destinations are sure to be on your itinerary!

#1 New York City

Whether its for the top designer schools, the showrooms, or top fashion houses,
the NYC modeling market is the most fashionable capital of North America.
Making it in New York means making it everywhere.

#2 Paris, France

A premier destination for all things haute couture.
Home to some of the most iconic fashion houses, Paris is a must for models.

#3 Milan, Italy

Milan is a fashion powerhouse, a long time producer of luxury goods. Here you’ll find
Prada and Versace, along with 12,000 other fashion companies, making this city a must for models.

#4 London, England

London’s fashion reputation is longstanding, and many high-end designers hail from ol’ London town.
Designers, magazines, stylists, photographers, London’s got it all and has been a favorite for models for decades.