“I tell you that Modeling is one of the most entertaining careers I can imagine. You are paid to look good, to take care of yourself, to be fit, to be attractive, to be charming, and to travel. You meet interesting people, and you make more money a day then most of your friends. Best of all, and it has never been easier than now.

Follow a few of my hints, and let’s get you on your way to make money, get noticed, and get that label of a Model.

Now, if you are bored shitless with your studies, working as an intern someplace, or doing any kind of job while dreaming of being a model, FMO and our team can get you going. We will teach you what to do – how to dress, how to pose, what kind of selfies you should post with us. We will teach you what not to do- like spend money for ‘test’ photographers who run a ‘photography store’ and shoot weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, passport photos, or any kind of mall photo stand. They have their place but not for modeling and fashion.

Even if you just like the model lifestyle, or even if you only like to model once in a while, part time or if you already have experience, FMO will work wonders for you. Just the phrase ‘She is a Model’ is powerful. The family is proud, the girl/boyfriend is proud thinking they’ve got a catch. ‘Wow, she’s a model’ will follow you, no matter what level of modeling you’re in.

When accepted by FMO you’re are a model. We are ‘For Models Only.’

Looking forward to your photos.”