There are a million ways to take care of your skin and body, but these are the top 10 tips models live by!



Never ever ever go to sleep with makeup on! A quick rinse is better than leaving on a days worth of moisturizer, foundation, and all the gunk in the air that clings to our skin. Models will wear a face full of makeup in a day and swear by removing it every night.


This is the key to radiant youthful skin. It prevents moisture from leaving the skin by replenishes the water content. Moisturizer keeps skin plump and serves as an outer layer of protection for your skin.


You are what you eat. This is not just a silly saying, its true! Your skin serves an important role in detoxification, and poor nutrition will make its way out one way or another. A balanced diet full of fruits and veggies are crucial to a models beauty routine!


Lemon water first thing in the morning is an old trick thats still around for a reason. Lemons are loaded with vitamin C, are anti-inflammatory, promote weight loss, and detoxify. And models love it!


There’s a mask for absolutely every skin care desire and need. Whether its a clay mask, a sheet mask, or a DIY mask, models are constantly using masks to bring the best out of their skin. (Just make sure to alternate masks, i.e. clay, moisturizing, brightening. Detoxifying masks will dry out your skin if you use them too frequently!)


Beauty sleep is real. Bags under the eyes are awful to deal with the morning of a shoot. Though you may think models are big party animals, they actually don’t stay out as late as you may think. They tend to make an appearance and leave shortly after. Sleep is critical to a beauty routine, as it has a direct effect on the skin and body.


Sun ages the skin. Constant exposure causes damage and dark spots. Not only that, it emits harmful UVA/UVA rays and is linked to many incidents of skin cancer. SPF is every model’s best friend.


Drinking plenty of water plays a major role in the beauty routine of a model. Hydration is a major player in maintaining youthful plump skin, reduces wrinkles, and increases skin elasticity. All crucial to a model’s look. The 8×8 rule, 8 oz 8 times, is standard for most models.

Dry Shampoo

Models are always on the move, and dry shampoo has become a new favorite among the busy bunch. Also, as most of us know, dirty hair is inexplicably the easiest to work with! This is helpful for molding different looks, and dry shampoo helps maintain freshness.

Spray tans 

Whether models admit to it or not, spray tans are super popular among them! They add a quick sun kissed look which is helpful when you’re on the go. It also helps in avoiding prolonged sun exposure.


Which top 10 model beauty tips do you already follow? Comment below!