Virtual Photography for Models

Virtual Photography for Models

It is delightful how much progress has been made in the last few months in the world of modeling. Yes, in changing times, there are new inventions, creativity, and opportunities. It is incredible how many new things have been created for models lately. It’s an interesting time to model.

Modeling from home

How to get great photos for your career when traveling and other new rules are blocking you, in this day and age?

Let’s start with the typical challenge most newcomers in the modeling business are facing: how to get good photos, which will help to get clients and will result into money making jobs.

Most aspiring models don’t live in New York City. It is difficult and sometimes demeaning to you get accepted in New York City Model Agencies. To live in this city is expensive . To hire a photographer who does a test shoot with you as well. Now all of that looks like it became more than impossible.

Problem solved.

Now, due to new creative ways, you  can model wherever you live.

A new dimension is here, making modeling accessible to everybody.

Reinvent & Reimagine  Yourself As A Model

Many aspiring or professional models & photographers are focusing on reinventing themselves, and so can you.

Organizing a conventional photo shooting or even a test shoot for models became very challenging right now,  because of social distancing. The fashion and advertising industries have some problem solving to do and are hard at work. Photo Studios are closed , and traveling for models is challenging.  Hair & Makeup is considered close contact, and the Art director is also almost out of a job. Of course you can try a social distant shooting . But there are new aways you should consider .

Why do it the hard way if there is a new brilliant way.

Thomas Zeumer’s  solutions to succeed in modeling.

Here is my solution for everybody who wants to succeed.

Virtual Photography For Models

Virtual Photography  For Models is the new kid on the block.

It’s easy modeling – remote – efficient – gratifying – safe

Updated photos for a  model are a must, and it probably helps for tinder posts and other dating apps as well.

A lot of people are making a big mistake to post photos which don’t look like them anymore.

In modeling, it will cost you a job and can end a career faster than you thought.  How many times are people disappointed with dating apps? When finally meeting each other physically and finding out that this is not the person you have been flirting with on your phone, day and night.

Comp Cards – Sed Cards for modeling

Once I had to book models for a fashion show.

I approached some model agencies and asked them to send me photos of the models available for a designer show.

They sent me tons of stunning comp cards, also called sed cards of models. By the way, those cards, online or printed,  show the stats and measurements and different poses of the individual model. It’s the model’s business card. These cards are needed to get jobs, to send to clients, or to leave at a casting. The best way for the client to remember you.  Back to my bookings for the runway show.

The Catwalk

Wow, I thought, those models are really beautiful and fresh.

At that time, I was not really experienced with booking models. I loved the idea of looking at their pictures and started to book. I chose the ones that fit the right look and size for the clothes the client needed for his clothing collection. Everything has to match from the look of the runway models. The designer wants to project to clothes sizes, and even the shoe sizes matter for a runway show.

When the models, I had hired, walked into the backstage area of the fashion show, the designer, and I were shocked. They neither looked fresh nor like anything advertised on their cards:  their hair dues and colors were different, they were much older, and some had put on some real weight. The designer clothes did not even fit them—a disaster for the stylist. I got almost fired!

You live and learn.

To promote a model

Now when I promote a model to a brand, you bet that I make sure that her or his photos are updated! Which meanwhile is one of the first questions of the clients. ‘How old are the pictures, are the body measurements correct?’ Keep in mind when you look at all those fantastic photos on Instagram. They are very often years old recycled pictures and photoshopped to the ying-yang.

Reinvent & Reimagine Yourself

Model or aspiring model, it’s so easy and fun to reinvent yourself. Just create your own magic, be your hairstylist, make-up artist, and art director, that’s all it takes. You do it every day when you go out anyway.

“In many ways, planning a remote photo shooting is actually faster and smoother than most typical shoots. Not having to worry about production elements like catering and travel and keeping to a very small crew, allows you to focus on getting the shoot done.It is much cheaper and gratifying. Now you are almost there. But almost being a model is not good enough yet.

The secret of virtual photography for models:

Get a professional fashion photographer who is experienced with virtual photography, knows all the tricks & tips, such as the perfect light, which makes you look terrific. The speed of the camera of taking pictures is a significant component as well. A good photographer usually has a good camera.

It sounds like a lot, but the actual shooting only takes 20 minutes. A day or two later, you’ll have some fantastic high-resolution photos in your email.

Here is how  a virtual photo shooting works:

Jump on a facetime call with the photographer. Tell him what you have in mind and what kind of photos you need. Walk the photographer, virtually online, through your home, porch, street,  beach, office. After having seen your environment, he or she tells you what location is best,  where the best spots and light is and how to pose for the remote virtual photoshoot. The clothing you can decide yourself.  Remember, you are your own stylist.

How to find the photographer?

His shooter skills are vital to the look and feel of your photos. We’ll help you find the ideal visionary to create visually stunning content that will leave a lasting impact on your audience. We will set you up. [email protected]

This new technique is a gift from heaven. No big testing fees, no waiting time to get the photos, and you are your own boss, finally!

Even if you are not a model or if you use modeling as a side hustle to make money. It is essential to have fresh photos. It makes one feel good, that’s a fact. A headshot is also crucial to get acting jobs.Laura Make sure they do not look like a passport picture or your real estate agent’s business card with the little headshot , on a little business card, next to the name.

After you received your new images, just upload them onto your comp card.  Post it on social media and a professional model platform. Brands might contact you and send products to you to endorse and model for money. You are on your way.

I would not be surprised if this method will become a standard procedure for clients, brands, celebrities, and models.


It is fun and will help your career enormously.


Thomas Zeumer

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