Think: model interview. But slightly more impersonal.

For  model casting, you will be responding to an open call, when a casting director lets everyone know that a designer or company is looking for faces that match their brand. A good site to find castings is Backstage. They normally have certain parameters; looking for males and or females, between certain ages. If you fit the requirements, get excited- you’re going to a casting!

When you’re getting ready, you’ll want to wear (unless otherwise stated) a plain white form-fitting  shirt, with jeans or a skirt and heels. It may be your first instinct to get really dressed up and show your best look and some glam – but for a casting you’ll want to do the opposite. Think blank canvas, as opposed to completed masterpiece. The casting director is looking for someone who will fit the vision of the brand or company, and if you come in with your own vision of yourself, you won’t allow theirs to manifest. Simplicity is key. Light makeup, a medium coverage foundation and some light mascara and sheer lipstick would be perfect. You’ll want to go in with loose hair and a hair tie around your wrist in case they want to see it up. Make sure to bring your comp card. You can show it to them from your phone but its easier for them to find you again in you leave them with one. FMO members will be able to make their own comp cards, which can be easily uploaded to sites like Vistaprint!

Ok so now you’re ready to go!

When you arrive at the casting, there may be anywhere between 50-500 models there. Hundreds of models at a casting is nicknamed a “cattle call”, but dont let the name and numbers discourage or scare you away. Aim to get there early so that you can be in the front of the line, and make sure you use the bathroom before you claim your spot because you’ll lose it! You may be waiting for a while, so make the most of your time and do what you need to do to center and mentally prepare. The key to nailing a casting is confidence, you want to go in with an attitude that’s ready to rock the room. People will see and feel your nervousness before they even process your look. So when you walk in, be ready to show off your look AND your confidence!

Once it’s your turn to meet the directors, the casting will go relatively quickly. You’ll walk in to a room, stand before anywhere between 1 – 5 people, maybe answer some easy questions, pose a bit, and that’s it. Sometimes they’ll take your picture, and if they do, make sure not to smile so that they can concentrate on your face.

Maybe they’ll tell you on the spot that they want you. Maybe you’ll be a call back a week or two later. Maybe you wont. This business requires some serious persistence so once you do one casting, start looking for the next one. The more often you attend these, the higher the chance you’ll get booked!