It’s such a good feeling when you’ve perfected your lighting, filters, hair and makeup, great angles (plenty of deletes) and come out with THE perfect selfie. No question it’s an accomplishment that feels good! The truth of the matter is that if you want to pursue modeling you will eventually have to go out into the cold hard unfiltered world ( the world can be a fabulous place!) to get a job .The first steps are usually to a go-see, where you literally go see a client or photographer, etc. or sometimes an open call (you don’t need an agent you can just show up for the interview) whatever you may be you’ll definitely be out of your comfort zone in front of their lighting, which is usually very harsh and the pic is one quick shot, they have 100’s if not 1,000s of talent to go through, so you’ve got one shot at it.

H ow to prepare ?

If you are in need of test shoots with photographers to build your look and portfolio those photographers may already have lots of models to choose from so you’ll still need to have your game on. The best way for any of this is PRACTICE. Start by taking a regular selfie with no filter, no heavy-duty makeup etc. Just start at the beginning, slowly add what you can to keep it really natural, I know that’s not fun, but being honest with you strengths and weaknesses is what you’ll need, then focus in on your strengths. It may help to have a friend you REALLY trust or family member to take an honest picture of you, plus you won’t feel so self-conscious, this way you can be full on model mode. Practice in harsh light and little makeup until you find even one good shot and build on that, so you are prepared and confident to begin going to go-sees.

Next week … walking down the runway ain’t easy but you can do it !!