The short answer; in the world of modeling, a Booker is your best friend. They work as a match maker; they connect models to assignments. They generally work for an agency, and represent them in the field. They make it their job to stay in the know- and are constantly looking for opportunities. They receive general stat requirements from clients, and connect models at the agency which fit the descriptions and requirements.

There’s a bit more to this role, and knowing this helps you to benefit as much as possible from their work.

They are also always on the look for new faces, and may work as scouts, finding fresh talent for their agency.  Once they make a connection between a model and a client, they may step in to negotiate the contract. Bookers often receive a salary from an agency, so you won’t have to worry about looking too large of a cut from your pay. As a model, a Booker will be the most important person for your career, so make sure to connect with them and make sure they’re aware of you. They can also take on the role of a career manager and adviser, as they know best what companies and brands are looking for. You can go to them for guidance because no one knows the industry like they do.

So remember, make a good impression, stay on their good side, and they’ll remember you when opportunities arise!

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